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This was on the Class Information page:


All classes are open to the public. If you would like to enroll in any of our classes, please click here to send us your contact information. [what happens then? how do they get the enrollment form? Is this form the same as the form on the Enrollment page?]

To edit the scrolling text in the marquee above:

  1. Double-click the marquee. The HTML Settings box appears. 

  2. Click once in the Add you code here field.

  3. Scroll down until the width="100%"> code element is at the top of the field.

  4. Click and drag to select the message text between these code elements: width="100%"> and </marquee>. Note: The message text is the bold text in the example below. Be careful to not change anything but the message text.

  5. Click Update. The new message begins scrolling.


Example code:

<tt><h3><font color="#8B0000"><marquee bgcolor="#FFE9BF" direction="left" loop="20" width="100%">Monday, 1/06: Due to the heavy snow fall, tonight's training classes are cancelled. Check back for updates on Tue and Wed classes.</marquee></font></h3></tt>


To add the scrolling marquee to any page:

  1. Click the marquee once to select it. 

  2. Copy the marquee.

  3. On the Pages menu, select the page on which you want to display the marquee (typically, the Home, Class schedule, or Happenings pages).

  4. Paste the marquee. The marquee will appear on the same position as it is on this page.
    The marquee is set to loop 40 times, after which it will stop and the field will be blank until the viewer returns to a page that includes the marquee.


To remove a scrolling marquee:

Click the marquee to select it, and then press Delete.

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