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Wanda and Lexi


Sponsors, family, and fellow veterans, I stand before you today as a proud Army veteran who was fortunate enough to find solace and independence with the help of a service dog. My name is Wanda Evans I have been living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for decades now.

I want to start by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to Vets to Vets United for taking the time to consider the impact that a service dog will have on the lives of veterans like me.

Durning my darkest period I learned about Vets to Vets United and Dr. Terry Morris; and the incredible work that service dogs with their handlers can do to help veterans. I applied and had the pleasure to learn how to train my current fur partner Lexi.

Lexi is a Labrador Retriever with a heart of gold and an un wavering dedication to my wellbeing. She has been trained to detect and respond to my PTSD episodes, providing me with comfort, security, and a sense of stability.

With Lexi by my side, I have been able to take small steps towards reclaiming my life and has also given me a newfound sense of independence and confidence. That is why I urge sponsor’s and organizations to continue advocating for programs like Vets to Vets United that support the training, placement, and care of service dogs for our nation’s veterans.

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