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Sponsor the 5K9 Dog Jog

Help make our annual event a success and increase support and awareness for your business or organization by becoming an event sponsor,  in-kind donor, product vendor, or participating nonprofit organization.

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We need your support!  

Your team is at the heart of this event for our team, and we want to promote your business or organization in as many ways as we can.


The 5K9 Dog Jog fundraising event provides your company or organization the opportunity to support our mission as:

  • An event sponsor

  • gift-in-kind donor

  • A product vendor

  • A nonprofit organization

How to become a sponsor or donor

  1. Review our sponsor & donor reward information below

  2. Make any monetary donations via your preferred platform

  3. Complete this signup form to indicate the sponsor or donor level and benefits you would like to take advantage of

Our team will reach out to you to coordinate next steps for your participation in the event. 

Thank you!


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Sponsor & Donor Levels

Tent canopy spaces are 10'x10' and will be located on the event field.     

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