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 "The 5K9 Dog Jog" Sponsor, Donor, or Vendor Support Information

Our Sunday, Sept. 25th, 2022 "The 5K9 Dog Jog" fundraising event provides your company or organization the opportunity to support our Mission as:
-- An event Sponsor (with a cash donation),
-- An event Donor (with a gift in kind donation)
           We need you!   Your team is at the heart of this event for our team!
We want to promote your business in as many ways that we can.
Sponsor & Donor Support Reward Information: 
<Click Here> 

To provide your Sponsorship donation via PayPal,  credit card,  debit card go to:  <Donate To 5K9 Dog Jog>       

-- Support the event as a Product Vendor, or Non-Profit Org.
There will be 10'x10' tent canopy promotional spaces on the event field.                For more information on what we provide:  <Click Here>     
                                                                                                                                                         See the Non-Profit Organizations participating in our 2022 event
<Click Here>

-- For gift in kind donation, or to attend as an event Vendor, or Non-Profit Org.,            please fill out the below "Contact Us", and hit Submit.
     Larry Netzer  (  [cell # 224-231-8220]

          Please fill out the contact form below and our Event Lead will contact you.
Contact Us
How do you prefer to be contacted

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will contact you soon.

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