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Stories of Hope

We exist to bring hope to the lives of veterans and dogs in need. We will continue to share more stories of hope in the future.

A woman smiling in a field while hugging her dog, who has his tongue out smiling

Wanda and Mr. Braxton

I will always be grateful for how Vets to Vets truly enhanced my life! I will always support Vets to Vets for all that was a Blessing to me. This program is far more than remarkable. Thank you from the bottom of my and Mr. Braxton's heart.

Rhea and Allee

How do I put into words what my heart can hardly contain? To be reunited with my Allee and her with I is so overpowering, it’s hard to phrase.

Paul and Wego

Thanks to Wego, and Vets to Vets United I found the will to fight, the desire to live, and joy in reaching out to others through therapy work and working with other veterans and their rescue dogs to hopefully, improve their lives so they can find the joy of life and living.

Robert and Levi

I feel one of Dr. Morris’s true passions behind the VTVU program to help Veterans regain freedom back into society by bonding dogs and humans as an indispensable team is phenomenal. As a Veteran, this program has improved my quality of life significantly.

Cindy and Riley

Being involved with Vets to Vets has been so positive for my son and me. Having connected with Riley has brought us so much joy. She makes us laugh as she still has a lot of puppy in her.

Willie and BJ

There is no question for me that the service you give is helpful. For many years I have been afraid of dogs. Your support has helped me feel more comfortable. I still have some growing to do, but I don't think I would have been able to get this far without your help.

Wanda and Lexi

With Lexi by my side, I have been able to take small steps towards reclaiming my life and has also given me a newfound sense of independence and confidence.

Nick and Winston

Winston and Vets to Vets United have changed my life from a dark place to something I look forward to. In the end Winston and I are what a true definition of a family is.

Rochelle and Marty

Without Marty our lives would not be the same; he's my baby. We love him so much and are so appreciative for Vets to Vets United in helping us add Marty into our family.

Larque and Milo

Since your program, I can honestly say that my life is better with Milo by my side. Graduating today is definitely a bittersweet moment. I am very grateful for what Vets to Vets have done for us, thank you.

Bruce and Ozzy

After struggling with severe PTSD, I started searching for a dog because I knew that I had to change what I was doing as a person because the path I was going down was very dark and would not have a good outcome.

Sue (Nick's Mom)

Nick is much happier and more focused. Knowing Winston is there with Nick, I actually worry less. I am happy and proud of the commitment Nick has made to Winston and the program.

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