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Our program is exclusively for U.S. military veterans who are lonely, suffering from depression, or who have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, a traumatic brain injury, or a physical disability.


Inquire about joining our program to experience the healing power of the animal-human bond!

Rose Mary smiling while giving her dog Sandy a big hug

Program Overview

Through our 2-year process, we give you what you need most, in an order that is achievable.


Complete a brief screening process to determine your specific needs.


Plan on Vets To Vets United assisting you with finding a suitable rescue dog.*


Work with our trainers weekly to custom-train your dog for your specific needs.


Participate in and track your required volunteer hours and  training sessions with your dog.


Train future veterans and their companions.


Donate your time for events, committees, and required facility maintenance all levels.


Agree to visits with staff or volunteers for training and evaluations.


Participate in animal-assisted therapy visits with your dog to serve others in the community.

* If you would like to use your own dog, it must be between 1-3 years old and pass a temperament test

Location Requirements

We primarily serve the Triangle area of North Carolina. Due to the nature of our adoption process, we can only consider applications for homes located within 180 miles of the Triangle at this time.

A map showing the area 180 miles around the Triangle area of North Carolina

Inquire Now

Thanks for your interest in participating in the Vets to Vets United program. Take the first step by completing this inquiry form.


Please be patient. We have an extensive waiting list. We will contact you as soon as possible after reviewing your application.

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Core Tests

Three core tests are emphasized based on our belief that we must train you and your dog safely and effectively:

Public Access Test

An assessment is completed in the first 3 months and ensures that you and your dog are well-educated to be out in public.

Therapy Evaluation

An assessment is completed by independent evaluators after 8 months to certify your dog for community service events.

Service Dog Team Evaluation

After their second year of training, you and your dog should be proficient in three tasks to mitigate a disability to graduate.

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