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Cindy and Riley


Being involved with Vets to Vets has been so positive for my son and me. Having connected with Riley has brought us so much joy. She makes us laugh as she still has a lot of puppy in her. She gets along with the other dogs that belong to my family members and friends creating play dates with our dogs while we are able to enjoy each other’s company. Everyone that comes in contact with her, adores her. They will say what a sweet girl she is. Those are just some bonus examples. 

Having the peace of mind that she is with Chris as an additional support system is priceless. I used to have to ask him to go outside for walks or to go on walks with me but now, he takes the initiative and walks Riley around the neighborhood every day. She jumps on his bed in the AM to wake him up with only one kiss. Getting to just one quick kiss took a while because she wanted to kiss his whole face! She is excited to see me every night I come home from work and I know she is waiting for play time, dinner and then a walk. Her personality is just wonderful. She is loving, affectionate, and smart. 

I can tell she wants to do well when we are training. Learning all the things she will be able to do with consistent training really amazes me. The training the Dr. Terry Morris provides to us is part of the package we would never be able to do without. She is so dedicated in supporting the Veterans and the pups, you want to do good. It’s like having your favorite teacher, you don’t want to let down. I have only been with the organization four months and I feel like I already have an extended family for the rest of my life.

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