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Nick and Winston


What Winston has done for me is huge. Before I got Winston I was depressed and was not on the right track in life. I was having a bad time coping with what I had been threw and was suffering from PTSD. I thought that it would pass and that I was stronger than anything. I was angry a lot and was hurting. I had pushed people away huge. I was fighting my own demons and was taking it out on people who were letting me vent.

In 2014 when I had finally decided to get help and fix myself, I heard about Vets to Vets United. At first I was unsure of how a dog would help but I wanted to give it a try. The day I met Winston at training I was happy I tried to hide my smile, but when I left training I called a friend and talked to them for 2 and a half hours about Winston and how I was happy.

Since he has arrived at my house I smile I am not angry. If anything, I worry not about me, but about my Best Friend because, well he is the biggest thing in my life and without him I would not be how I am today.

Since getting Winston, I am full of energy and I strive to be better. I get help with PTSD and I have motivation to do better in life, not only for me but for my best friend. I wake up in the am and I smile because I have a friend that listens and helps me with my struggles. He has the biggest heart in the world and every day I try to match that.

Winston and Vets to Vets United have changed my life from a dark place to something I look forward to. In the end Winston and I are what a true definition of a family is.

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