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Robert and Levi


The VTVU Program is absolutely a great program. Levi (My 3 year old Labradoodle) and I have been in the program for a short period of time and have learned an immiscible amount of training.

The quality of training that Dr. Morris offers is second to none. The ability for her to teach group classes while still offering one on one instruction is above all reproach; thus enabling the teams to focus on what they need to improve upon clearly & directly.

The program has helped Levi and I learn everything from the basics to advanced commands, which in turn has helped us build a better bond. I go nowhere without him; which was my number 1 goal – to have him with me in public, everywhere.

I feel one of Dr. Morris’s true passions behind the VTVU program to help Veterans regain freedom back into society by bonding dogs and humans as an indispensable team is phenomenal. As a Veteran, this program has improved my quality of life significantly.

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