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Wanda and Mr. Braxton


I learned about Vets to Vets about 11 years ago while in the Maple Court program.  I had just missed being able to participate with a trip to interact with the horses. However, I got to meet Dr. Terry when she brought Brittany to the facility and how special it was. I knew at that moment my life would be different if I could experience that every day.


Upon further learning more about the program, I became totally interested. It was several years later before I had the opportunity to get a great puppy and it was THE longest 2 years waiting for him to turn 2. Finally, the time came and we were able to join Vets to Vets! I was so excited for the opportunity.


Unfortunately, between an emergency Brain Tumor surgery, the Pandemic, a neck and 2 back surgeries later made it an absolute struggle. I can't imagine how much more difficult it would have been without a taste of Vets to Vets and my pup to pull me through all of that! However, when we finally graduated on November 5, 2023, I was so grateful. The program was a God-sent for me. The experience was like no other.


I will always be grateful for how Vets to Vets truly enhanced my life! Dr. Terry carries a "Big Load" and I will always support her and Vets to Vets for all that was a Blessing to me. This program is far more than remarkable. Thank you from the bottom of my and Mr. Braxton's heart. I know he misses the program as much as I do!

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