Our Veterinary Sponsors

We would like to thank our local veterinarians for supporting our veterans and their pups by offering either FREE or DISCOUNTED veterinary care for the LIFE OF THE ANIMAL. 

St Francis animal Hospital, Durham, NC

Dr. Majorie Lindeke: Free veterinary care for one Veteran/pup team. Dr. Lindeke has also provided discounted care for other pups enrolled in the program.



Willow Oak Veterinary Hospital, Durham, NC

Dr. Mark Cagle: Free veterinary care for one Veteran/pup team.



Four Paws Animal Clinic, Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Melanie Smith: Free veterinary care for two veteran/pup teams.



Bahama Rd Veterinary Hospital, Bahama NC

Dr. John Bianco, Dr. Skip Hevener, Dr. Chris York, Dr. Chris Konvalinca, and Dr. Sara Schilke: Free veterinary care for one Veteran/pup team.


North Wake Animal Hospital, Wake Forest NC

Dr. Amy Fischlein and Dr. Mathew Wendelken: Free veterinary care for one Veteran/pup team. http://www.northwakeanimalhospital.com/

SNAP-NC: Spay Neuter Assistance Program of North Carolina

Dr. Laureen Bartfield: Free veterinary care for one Veteran/pup team.


Westside Animal Hospital, Durham

Dr. Don Hoover and Dr. Mia Broussard:  Free veterinary care for one Veteran/pup team.


Veterinary Specialty Hospital, Durham

Free veterinary specialty care for one Veteran/pup team.


Cornwallis Road Animal Hospital, Durham

Dr.  Herman Jeffer and Dr. Amy Edwards:  Free veterinary care for one Veteran/pup team.


Bayleaf Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh

Dr.  Craig Wilson, Dr. Kevin Sullivan, Dr. Kelly Giffear, Dr. Catharine Hennessy, Dr. Jessica Tarter, Dr. Audrey Beam, Dr. Kathy Ferguson : Free veterinary care for one Veteran/pup team.


North Paw Animal Hospital

Dr. Ginger Stell, Dr. Suzanne Alton, Dr. Cindy Muse, Dr. Karen Heffernan, Dr. Emily King and Dr. Katie Loughman : Free veterinary care for one Veteran/pup team.



Veterinarians who have permanently adopted veteran/pup teams and offer 
free veterinary care


Thank you to our local verterinarians!

Please support these veterinarians by patronizing their businesses for veterinary care.

Triangle Veterinary Hospital, Durham NC

Dr. Charles Miller-25% discount for all pups enrolled in the program


Healing Paws Veterinary Hospital Hillsborough, NC

Dr. Robin Scott -20% discount for all pups enrolled in the program



Lake Pine Animal Hospital, Apex, NC

Dr. Jody Katz: 25% discount for one veteran/pup team


Animal Hospital of Peak Plaza, Apex, NC

Dr. Gene Bailey and Dr. Lindsay Warner : 25% discount for one veteran/pup team


Veterinarians who offer discounted veterinary care
for veteran/pup teams

Vets To Vets United, Inc.

732 Ninth Street Box #595

Durham, NC 27705

ph:  919-683-1360

fax: 919-683-1360

alt: 919-452-8745


2017 Dr. Terry Morris

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